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Angels Card Reader

1) 1/2 hour session
2) 1-hour session

The word “Angel” actually comes from the Greek word AGGELOS, which means “Messenger.” Angels are Messengers of God, who come to us to share the other information that would help us in our day-to-day activity or any particular situation or task.

Through Angel Card Reading, a medium connects with the Angel to get an insight related to the situation a person seek guidance to.

Angel cards, also known as oracle cards that have meanings and interpretations that helps us in our lives and offer us much needed guidance or protection. The way in which our angels work through the angel cards is to guide us to the right card or cards for us at the time, to make sure that we get the messages that we need.

Tarot cards are a very definitive type of divination, based on metaphysical concepts such as alchemy, esoteric symbols, and numerology. Angel cards, on the other hand, rely on channelled information from the etheric realms. The reading is produced by the interaction of energies of the seeker and the response of the angels to the querent's questions.

It is widely believed that angels possess six kinds of energy, including in the diverse realms of reflection, rejuvenation, alignment, nourishment, integration, and partnership. As such, an angel card reading is designed to discuss one or more of these realms in line with the questions that you have and the number of cards used in the reading.

Angel cards get the joys of angelic beings that need only to love, care for and protect humanity. Having boundless empathy for the human condition and acting in accordance with divine laws, these beings provide guidance and insight. The lessons that the angels offer cover all aspects of life, but centre on spiritual information.

How Do Angel Card Readings Work?

Guidance’s related to a particular situation/condition is provided to you with the tarot card readings.

Here, Jyoti maam uses Angel Oracle Deck to give advices and guidance with the tarot card readings to tell about the overall scenario…

Is an Angel Card Reading Best for You?

An angel card reading is excellent for the times in your life when you are searching for guidance with your life span. The gentle and calming messages of the angel assist sooth tired and frazzled emotions. If that is what you want at this time and an angel card reading is ideal for you.

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